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Dark Knight was created August 13th, 2000.  It was first published on the web at XOOM.COM.  However, XOOM is incredibly slow and I had already signed up for Keenspace.com.  This comic features the adventures that the Dark Knight and his comrades must live through to achieve their ultimate goals -or death.  There is no swearing, s*x, or animated violence.  This comic is safe for younger readers.   This site automatically updates just after 5:00 PM EST!

Davos Tyme is my pen name.  I won't tell you who I am, but I live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  This web comic is one of many hobbies I partake.  If you wish to contact me:

email:    tyme5@cgocable.net

I welcome suggestions or comments, but I do not take kindly to spam or swearing.

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