Dark Knight:  The Cast of Characters

Derek Noire  (a.k.a. Dark Knight)

Disgraced from the Gastlour Court, Dark Knight sulks and plots his takeover of Gastlour from the ruins of the Green Castle.  In a previous episode, he was cursed into a blood demon, and therefore remains behind his helmet.  He also collects Life Potions, in the hope of becoming immortal.

Edgar Van Igor  (a.k.a. Igor the Ogre)

Not much is known about Igor or his past, apart from his illiteracy.  Not a native of Gastlour, he was caught trying to steal a cart of beer.  Dark Knight "rescued" Igor and now Igor loyally serves him.  Igor claims to be an ogre, but he looks more of a deformed human.

Hiley D'Speare

Originally a witch of Gastlour, she was banned to the Fyre Sun Continent.  On a journey back to Gastlour, she somehow lost all of her magic powers.  She doesn't know how, since she seems to suffer amnesia.  And no, she does not dance naked!

Brian D'Grimm

Gastlour's best Bartender.  He also runs "a simple shipping service".  Grimm seems to have a past with Igor, but refuses to share it.

Dark Knight:  The Cast of Monsters

Skeletos DiShield

This undead monster is driven entirely by magic.  With it's twin shields and twin sickles, it is very dangerous!  It's power is trapped within the skull.