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Sorry I missed Wednesday's!  I've uploaded it now and just click previous to read it.  And I've added some more links to my links pages!


I'm back!  Amidst complaints that it took too long to load this site, I made a text-only version for them.  Do not be ashamed of your pathetically slow phone modems!  They were top notch 5 years ago, right?  I'll soon add some more links, too.  We know why you're here.  You just want the Links'.  I don't blame you, either.  For those fellow artists, I did roam sporadically through the forums.  Oh, and check those dropdowns to the left of this text.  As for Lori, well, I've abandoned her until after the exams.  It should, hopefully be back in early February.


Sorry for the lack of updates.  I've added Framed!! to the Links Pages!  I'll see if I can get LORI updated this Saturday.  I've also added Brainfries as well.  Go check out these two comics.  Oh, and I've added KeenParaody.  That's right.  Someone finally got the nerve to spoof our great hosts.  So, check all these comics.  And I've added the comics for Monday and Wednesday as well.  I know, I know, I need to reorganise this site.  I just don't know when though.


Today's a P. D. Day!  No school!  Still work though...  I've finally added the Notorious Miscellaneous Art section!  Have fun!  This site IS growing...  Oh, and it's December.  That means it's time to start the Party 2001...  I've also listed Fans! with my pure evil incarnate links pages!  I've added the Misc. Art page, for all those extras...  Amidst rumours that the Keenspace Top 100 was dead, I checked last night, and 3 more people for this site!  Which means, (heheh!) that you can continue to vote for this site at the Top 100!  Even if there is a new Top 99!  Considering how many voted this site at the 100,  I won't sign up for the 99 just yet.


I've added 2 new comics to my links page!  Amidst complaints that the Links page was too big if you didn't have a cable modem, I've created a TEXT-ONLY links page!  Enjoy!  I've finally updated LORI  Episode 1:  Part 2 now online!


KEEN was down Friday, too lazy to update on Saturday or Sunday.  KEEN was down today, so this update is late.  Sorry for the angst this may have caused!  I'm behind schedule, but I should be caught up by Wednesday.  LORI will be updated tomorrow, hopefully.  Oh, and by the way, December 1st is when the great super-evil chaotic Party 2001 starts!  And January 8th will be International Moose Day, sponsored by the artists within Keenspace and others...  I plan to get the character and about page updated sometime this week as well.  And here's an animated GIF that 487 Kb.  Great if you have a cable modem...  Oh, and please (if you haven't) vote with the Inquisition!


I think I'm getting used to using PSP5!  I've updated the links page as well!  Added Guardian Angel, and Aeire's Queen of Wands!  Let's see...  Hmmm.  So far 4 people have voted including 1 which my little brother did.  Zortic has just listed Dark Knight among its links.  :Yay:

This site is growing!  Why hasn't anyone voted using the Poll?  I'm now running all my applications on the P3!  Bye-bye 286!  Please vote for this site at the Keenspace Top 100!


This site is being revamped!  I also added a POLL!  Started another webcomic, Lori.   I'm updating Dark Knight every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Lori will be updated every Saturday.


Don't worry, I'll catch up on the weekend.  I'm now with the "KEEN SCI-FI DROPDOWN"!  Why am I so slow? 2 of you has asked. It's simple.  I have my old 286 that has the e-mails and my dad's Dell PIII 698MHz PC to draw my comic and update my files.  Well now it's after 11 PM and I've got school tomorrow...  And please vote for Dark Knight at the Keenspace Top 100!  We seem to be hovering around #20.


What happened?  I must apologize,  here is another notorious animated gif to make amends.  Now I just need more time to finish my French OAC project.  Plus, it would help if mother didn't force-march me to bed at 9:00 PM!  Tomorrow I'll promise to update my links page as well as the regular dose of comics you need.


News was received today that the guy who does WARP FACTOR 10 has put a link to Dark Knight on his site.  Yay!  Well, let's see of the estimated 527 regular viewers of this site, that one down, 526 more of you to hunt down and identify...  Just kidding!  Oh, and as an afterthought:  Please vote at the Keenspace Top 100!  I just tuned in for the first time to the PVP Audioshow today.  It was entertaining listening to Scott and Angela drabble live.  Pity I'm in a different time zone.  They're an hour behind me.  During the show they argued about the presidential elections.  Heh.  Up here, we have to pay attention to the federal elections.  No real reforms are being planned, just taxes and what to do with this year's surplus.  What surplus?!  In case you didn't realize, Canada still has a huge federal debt that can (with careful planning) we obliterated within 10 years.  How? Don't spend the surplus!  Put it towards the debt, then NO MORE DEBT.  Sometimes I wish I lived in Ottawa and could yell at them politicians in parliament.  As a further note, since COMMON GROUNDS moved to Keenspot, it's address has changed as well!


Added "Life on Forbez" to the Links Page.  This has good writing/ concepts.  The artwork reminds me of the Dragonball series...  This comic is highly recommended!  Wonder why it isn't on Keenspot yet...  I've also added RPG World, a spoof of Square's popular Final Fantasy series.  This is hilarious, pity it doesn't update often...


Added some more links to the links page!  Please vote for the KEENSPACE TOP 100!


It has been over a month since I've found time to update the site.  Happy thanksgiving!  School tomorrow... drat.  And I was enjoying my rest as well.  I even managed to visit the Keenspace Forums.  And now a look at the polls.  We're now 21th!  Arrgghhh!  What happened?!  This site gets more or less 500 hits a day not including visitors!  Apparently, only a few of you seem that this site is worth voting.  Well, please vote!  You did?   Thankyou!  If everyone who visited this voted once (for me), then this comic would rank #1.  Unlike the current, uugghh!  Good artistry, but the subject matter is too mature for most.  I've updated the Links page.  Fright Night 2000 is coming!

2000\09\13  (11:35 PM)

Sleep, wazzat?  I made an animated gif that is 150 x 150.  This file is almost 300 Kb!  Ha!  Some may have noticed I haven't updated the other sections of this site.  Don't worry, I will when I'll find time.  CuteFTP still works after 30 days.  Yay!  Still can't find a way to get the full version without driving for an hour to get to Toronto.  Well, it's their fault they didn't make their product fully accessible to those without credit cards.


Yes, people it's time again for another episode of Davos busy at work and school!  :Applause:  Unfortunately, due to my hectic schedule this year, I will start to only do one comic instead of two a day.  Sorry to annoy you with this.  Although I am missing a lot of sleep, and that just isn't healthy.


Please vote for this site at the Keenspace Top 100 (Click on the pic above)!  They just reset all the scores to 0!  C'mon people and vote!   For this site, hopefully.  Yet another year of school.  :Sigh:  This means that I will be tired, and some strips may be late!  Also, does anyone know if I can get the full version of CuteFTP without using a credit card?  Oh well.  That was a long shot.


I'm joining these web rings in hopes of attracting more visitors to this site.  One can only hope.  These rings aren't affiliated with Keenspace, so you'll find them at the bottom of this page.


2 more weeks and then it's school.  :Sigh:   Thankyou, whoever you people are who voted this site at the Top 100.  This site is now at 38 th place!  Not bad for a strip that's just started it's second week and already has over 1000 hits.  Thankyou!  At least this comic updates every day, unlike some other comics.  Why don't you update more often?!  Come on, people!  Thankyou.  The Cast page has been updated with two more characters.   Holly and Grimm!.


I know, I know.  Today has an animated gif.  This file is almost 600 Kb.  Oh well.


I added the "Thugs on Film" link at the links page!  This is funny, and although it's not a comic, it uses shockwave.  Unlike some other online comic artists, I may be late uploading files, but I will never skip a comic or day.  This is a promise


Sorry!  I was called in early to work, so I didn't have time to upload today's comic on time.  "The Map"  is a map of the county of Gastlour.  This is the setting where Dark Knight exists.  Careful, since the map itself is 177 KB.


The plot thickens!  This site grows.  "The Plot"  gives a summary of what's happened in the strip so far.  Noticed I have the Keenspot Banner?  I copied it from the "It's Walky!" site.   Thanks!  By the way, only one person has voted for this site for the Top 100.   This strip is worth more than one!  Thankyou, whoever you are who voted anyway.


Apparently, this site updates just after 5:00 PM EST.   I now have an understanding of how this server works.  Still, I suppose I can't complain.  Oh and as an afterthought;  Welcome!  I just signed up for the Keenspace Top 100.  Please vote!


Sorry, still trying to get used to using "Keenspace.com".

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