Dark Knight:  The Plot

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Igor:  Host and Servant     (2000\08\13)

The story starts as Igor tries to introduce us to himself and his master, the Dark Knight.  When his master catches him, he is shocked when his master doesn't beat him as he usually does.  This worries Igor.

The strip now splits into two.  The usual strip follows Igor's perspective.   At the same time, Part B follows Dark Knight's perspective.

Igor and All Dark Knight
Igor the Haunted      (2000\08\15)

Igor is caught stealing the Dark Knight's mysterious forbidden purple bottle by a hooded thief.  Igor tries to knock the thief and escape, but accidently kills her instead.  Desperate, he drags the corpse into a green vat in the lab.  unfortunately, it's not an ice gel, but a vat of corrosive acid!  The thief's ghost appears.  Igor then escapes the castle.

The Prophecy I      (2000\08\15)

Dark Knight journeys to the mountain of the three witches (Zusy, Golla and Hiley).  This is not the first time he has visited these three.

Igor & Hiley the drunks      (2000\08\19)

Igor escapes the ghost and enters a tavern in Gastlour.  Hiley, meanwhile is bored with witching and enters the same tavern in Gastlour.  Hiley finds she loves Igor.

The Curse      (2000\08\21)

The witches find that Igor tried to seduce Hiley, so they curse Igor, turning him into a slug.  The Dark Knight then meets Polly.

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