Thursday , September 20 , 2001

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The Inquisition
Which graphics do you prefer?
Original (before Christmas)
Scanner (after Christmas)
I don't care
I like both
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Damn.  Another crossroad for this webcomic.  Only 6 months old and already.  Most of you may have noticed that I finally got a scanner.  And so, I've been scanning my comics.  But, some of you it seems prefer the good old days with the old, less detailed character designs.  So.  I've once again hired the Inquisition to conduct yet a new poll.  The results of this poll will determine this comic's future.  You have the power!  Now I'm out of here.  Oh, and next week is the REAL EXAMS.  So, if I do update next week, it will probably be late.  Oh, and Aeire's finally started her "Queen of Wands" (found on the links' pages).


I watched episodes 13, 14, & 15 of Nadesico.  I laughed really hard.  Mercy.  This series is incredibly funny.  If you don't know what I'm typing about, visit my links' pages and visit Anime Download Index.  From there, you can download some episodes.  And I've upgraded the Cast Section!  Much better in my opinion!

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